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Graphic resources in action…

Our tag line is “graphic resources in action” – great… but what does it actually mean?

When Creative Consortium first came into existence (25 years ago) things were quite different.

Graphic artists  were still creating their work on paper with pen and ink, printing companies used big clunky machines, exhibition contractors were using hand-saws, there were lots and lots of small artisanal companies creating niche products used in the graphics, print and “publicity” industries. 

Keeping abreast and on top of all these various suppliers, their idiosyncratic production methods and what they could and couldn’t do was a fairly daunting mission.

But that’s what we did.

Knowing how, who, what and where were intrinsic to creating great pieces of work at a reasonable cost.

Graphic resources in action – still valid today – but with a twist

Zoom forward to today… our modus operandi hasn’t changed one bit. Whether it’s a full blown exhibition stand in Singapore or a business card with custom die-stamping we can find and project manage the right suppliers, from designers to producers.

There is a difference though, everyone owns a computer with access to the world-wide web.  Digital is the name of the game. Information is easy to find – or so you would think.

Not so.  You have to dig deep, know where to look, know the right questions to ask –  and sometimes that’s even more appropriate face-to-face.

Being up to speed with the latest technological developments, understanding capabilities and evaluating  potential is essential now and in the future, whilst at the same time acknowledging the importance of retaining the craft values that are rooted in the tradition of the artisan .

And making good and appropriate use of all of it.

To date our projects are as varied as they are numerous: brand identity, exhibitions, retail design, marketing, print production, graphics, 3d printing, packaging – the list goes on.

So, if you want the best possible job, by the best possible people at the best possible value – then contact us, because… we know.