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Colour Sampler

Real paint, real finish

Multiwood Products Limited

Bespoke Colour Swatch Sampler.


Economically produce a set of colour sample chips for the client’s bespoke range of kitchen doors, enabling customers to view the actual true-to-life colour and surface from a range of over 30 specialist finishes.


Sprayed using exactly the same methods as the client used for finishing their high-end bespoke kitchens, each completed colour chip needed to have the client’s logo and colour reference details printed on one side whilst carrying the sprayed colour on the other.

The chips needed to be included in either a customised retail counter ring binder or as part of a pocket-sized colour finder.


Based on the dimensions of the PVC insert sheets that could be obtained for the specific ring binder we sourced, a common chip size for both this and the pocket-sized colour finder was established.

The company logo, and the name of each colour range chip, were digitally printed 6 up on one side of 350gsm A3 silk board. Then the printed sides of the sheets were gloss laminated to protect them from  paint when they were sent back to the client for spraying with their production equipment.

On return from the client, the sheets were cut into individual paint chips and round cornered to prevent fraying at the edges.
The chips were either inserted into the individual ring binder leaves, or collated into sets for the pocket-sized sampler held together by a metal interscrew.


Selling through distributors, the feedback from them to our client was entirely positive, helping to promote the bespoke range, making sales easier and quicker throughout the whole process of end customers deciding on kitchen
Creative Consortium
came up with the ideal solution
for our needs
Managing Director
Multiwood Products Ltd
The swatch has proved tremendously beneficial in helping to sell the Multiwood bespoke range
Sales manager
Creative Consortium
was responsible for creating, sourcing and project managing:
  1. Methodology of production
  2. Print
  3. Logistics