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Celebrity endorsement

It does what it says on the tin …


Produce custom tins for shoot


Make the clients idea a reality…


A two part series starring Jack Dee and aired on ITV, had Voom (programme makers and titles experts) designing a title sequence which featured thousands of custom labeled cans. A great idea on a story-board – a little more difficult to put into practice.

The shows looked into the role of celebrities in TV advertising, and to reinforce the premise, the title designers wanted to multiply the image of “celebrities”, on what might be a commercial product, to drive the theme home to the viewer.




Obtaining the cans to specification, effectively on a production scale, threw up a number of obstacles by way of food labeling, hygiene standards and health and safety concerns. Creative Consortium couldn’t just get someone to strip labels of existing cans and re-wrap them – and this was apart from the expense of so doing.

A well-known food preparation and canning company was contacted and it was arranged to buy production time on their canning line just before the yearly maintenance shutdown (a lucky circumstance and a case of being in the right place at the right time!)

The company agreed to “tin” and label the cans providing that certain criteria were met. These were: the tins would be empty (actually an advantage, as in the title sequence they would be knocked over, we didn’t want heavy cans that could hurt someone); that the labeling was supplied on labeling reels to their machinery specification; that the labels actually listed the real contents (fresh air!) somewhere and, finally, they were removed off-site as soon as they were produced (a safety issue).

After having agreed to the conditions and supplied the labels to their criteria, the only other issues remaining were the logistics of packing, storage and delivery to the film studio. Naturally the film studio weren’t keen on storing over 5,000 cans (empty or not!) whilst waiting for shooting day.

Creative Consortium arranged bulk packing, storage and transport based on the client’s shooting schedule and delivered when and where required.

The shoot went according to schedule, albeit there were several takes. Aware that several takes were an inevitability, Creative Consortium supplied enough “overs” to replace any damaged tins. The final edit came up to everyone’s expectations and was deemed a total success.
Creative Consortium
did the business…
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Creative Director
Creative Consortium
helped make Voom’s cracking
vision come to life
Independent Television
Creative Consortium
was responsible for creating, sourcing and project managing:
  1. Resourcing of materials
  2. Canning label production
  3. Logistics