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The Fell and Rock Journal 2020

One of the largest rock climbing and mountaineering clubs in Europe ask us to produce their journal.

The 196 page Fell and Rock Journal

The Fell and Rock Climbing Club

2021 Journal.


Suggest suitable print specification, oversee artwork and final book production.


The Fell & Rock Climbing Club (FRCC) is one of the oldest and largest rock climbing and mountaineering clubs in Europe.

Every two years it produces a member’s journal consisting of stories, advice, pictures and notes from various contributors, crafted around the activities of the club and its members.

Because of the pandemic, the launch of the 2020 issue was delayed until 2021. However, this gave the FRCC the opportunity to search for a new supplier who could take on the production (from artwork to print) effectively and at an economical cost.

Creative Consortium was approached to provide advice on the best way to tackle the job and to give a firm costing.



After receiving a full brief, previous printed copies and a sample chapter, we created a page design that addressed a number of small points that we felt could be improved upon from the earlier productions. Thereby making it a better read.

Once this “style-setter” was approved by the club, we commenced the artwork. As the various stories were supplied by different writers, our first job was to extract all the text from the disparate word documents provided and ensure that all the elements and styles matched our initial design parameters.

Photographs were also supplied by the client. These were examined on an individual basis and adjusted as required (colour balance, shadow and highlight values, sharpness etc).

Once proof-read and approved, the 196 page perfect bound book was sent for printing.

The printer we chose printed the 210mm square volume on a B2, 5 colour press (with a sealer on the fifth head to prevent scuffing when going through the binding processes).

Rather than opting for traditional perfect binding, we decided to specify PUR binding. This was because the adhesives used for perfect binding are weaker than that utilised for PUR.

PUR (PolyUrethane Reactive) adhesive is more resistant to changing temperatures and is the most durable glue available. Only a small amount of glue is used which means one can achieve a square spine on even the thinnest of books – not the case in this instance! PUR binding can be up to 2.5 times stronger than perfect binding and is better suited for projects with more text pages, or those that utilise a thicker stock.


With the majority of the 1100 copies delivered to the client’s chosen fulfilment centre in record time, the publication has been a great success amongst the membership. 
…the journal looks fabulous
so many thanks
Tony Walker
James Sutcliffe
Creative Consortium
was responsible for creating, sourcing and project managing:
  1. Technical specification
  2. Methodology of production
  3. Artwork
  4. Print